Alexander, Mac and Gladys

Mac and Gladys grew up, married, and worked most of their lives in the Miami area. They were life partners for more than 60 years. They enjoyed a wide variety of hobbies, supported each others interests, worked together, and set a near world record of golf games, which were played after retirement.

Mac was the youngest of three sons and three daughters born to George and Jessie Alexander. He maintained a close relationship with his family, and was dedicated to the care and comfort of his sisters in their later years.

Gladys was the eldest of two daughters and one son born to William and Laura Stout, who moved to the Miami area when she was a youngster. Her parents experienced the hardships of the Great Depression, which forged in Gladys, throughout her life, a deep devotion to her family and their wellbeing.

The core of their life together was family, friends, and community. Married in 1937, they had four children, seven grandchildren and seventeen great grandchildren. Mac loved to keep count of the growing brood of great grandkids, while Gladys lovingly stitched baby quilts for each. Birthdays and anniversaries were always celebrated in a special way.

With their generous natures, Mac and Gladys were welcome hosts to friends and neighbours. The impromptu visitor quickly received an invitation to stay for a meal or for refreshments, and few were able to resist the urging for a game of cards. Mac and Gladys welcomed opportunities to travel with friends on sight seeing vacations, on fishing trips in Manitoba’s north country, and on out-of-province, sometimes out-of-country, curling events.

Over the years, they volunteered countless hours for a wide range of community endeavours: helping to construct the Miami curling and skating rinks, Community Hall and Agricultural Society grandstand: raising funds for various projects: helping to establish the Miami Fun and Fiddle Festival ; serving on the Agricultural Boards and the Miami School Board as trustee and chairman; baking and preparing food for community suppers and fundraisers. At the young age of 84, Mac was helping to prepare the local golf course grounds for landscaping. Gladys maintained an interest in church activities, her hobbies, and her love of flowers.

Mac and Gladys lived a rewarding and happy life in Miami, and would have been very supportive of the Miami and Area Foundation and the ongoing contribution it will make to strengthen the community.


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