In Memory

Gifts have been made to the Miami and Area Foundation in loving memory of these individuals. Thank you to those that remember the Foundation in times of sorrow and grief – it is these gifts that ensures a lasting legacy for your loved ones.

Alexander, Mac and Gladys

Alexander, Donald James

Archer, Ron

Bayliss, Richard (Dick) and Helen

Callum, Don and Annie

Devins, Vern and Dorothy

Friesen, Marion

Knox, George and Eunice

Lawson, Ralph and Velma

Lenton, Frank and Ida

Lenton, William and MaryAnne

Letby, Elizabeth

Livingston, Doug

McTavish, Dean

Savage, Geraldine M. and Campbell G.

Schwartz, Brian

Steppler, Roy

Thomson, Robert

Williment, Lorne

Wood, Bert and Edith